Weight Loss Hyypnotherapy, Client Testimonials

Client Reviews Of Our Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Hyypnotherapy, Client Testimonials

Client Reviews Of Our Weight Loss Program
This is what clients have said about our weight loss Programs

I had my Hypno-band sessions with Lorna on skype. The sessions went very well and easy from my comfort zone, I very much enjoyed them and was looking forward to each session for the whole duration of the treatment. The important thing is I have lost so far 10 kilos, and if I knew before that it would be that easy to lose weight with hypnotherapy, I would have done this years ago, saving myself the pain and frustration of trying to lose even one kilo. My family and friends are amazed with the way I look now and keep asking me how I had achieved this and request Lorna’s contact details. Thank you Lorna very much for changing my life. Inas, Melbourne.

I just thought I would give you an update on how im going Lorna …I weighed 99kg when I first came to see you & currently I weigh 87.1 kg. I have lost 12kg & have been feeling great. It has been really easy to stick to the small portions & I find that because its not a restrictive diet where certain foods are banned it fits perfectly with my lifestyle. Thank you so much Lorna for helping me over come my issues with food. My next goal is to weigh 80kg & feel fit before I leave for Europe in mid November.”….Joanne.

I have now lost 10 kilos in only 5 weeks with the Hypnoband weight loss program with Lorna. I am very pleased with the result, this is not a diet its just eating healthy smaller meals…. I am now able to leave food on my plate instead of eating everything, and I feel in control of my eating now. I eat until I feel satisfied and then I discard the rest which is about 80%…I have no craving for junk foods any more, and I was recently asked by a waiter at the restaurant if I wanted desert and I was easily able to say no…thank you Lorna for all your help, Gwyneth, Brisbane.

I first heard about Lorna approx 12months ago. Not one to hurry in my decision making, sceptical and in truth quite frightened to try hypnosis I contacted Lorna. Lorna arrange for me to see her the following Saturday to chat about what I hoped Hypnosis would do for me. I explained that my past held some upsetting memories and poor choices and as I am heading towards my 50 birthday my future was not looking so bright with a life of joint pain, medication and many health issues as a result of my current weight. This is not what I wanted I wanted to go to Borneo! Why Borneo you might ask, I wanted to volunteer with the Orangutans ( a LIFE experience) something I have wanted to do for many years, however with my current weight and health not ever a possibility. Lorna was wonderful, on hearing I was going on a 12 night cruise ( ALL that FOOD) my appointments were made prior to my departure day in 8weeks time. The Cruise – WOW as I travelled down the buffet line my plate was full of mixed lettuce, baby spinach, green peas and fresh fruit. OMG all I wanted to eat was fresh, healthy, live, real, unprocessed food. The pastries looked lovely, however I could not imagine having one, I did NOT want to eat any of them! I lost weight on the cruise! I feel amazing! I still have a long way to go to reach my vision of a healthy me, the amazing thing is I have absolutely no doubt that I will reach this goal of a healthier slimmer me. Thanks Lorna, I’ll let you know when I book my flight to Borneo. Linda , Brisbane Qld.

I have lost 15 kilos now and when I have lost weight in the past but it was a lot of hard work, but this time its very different because its easier with the Hypnoband. This time I wasn’t feeling guilty if I ate a piece of chocolate, I felt guilty if I missed an exercising. It was a different guilt. I felt guilty not doing the exercise portion of it because I know that I’m allowed to occasionally have something because the Hypnoband isn’t a diet its just eating healthy and smaller portions of food. Having lost the weight I am coming out of my shell again, I’m becoming more social and confident and I feel great.. Kylie, Brisbane.

Since I have had the hypnoband over the four sessions I have now lost 7.8 kilos, its never been so easy to say no to food-I recently went to the movies and in the past I always ate pop corn, this time I didnt even want any. When my husband eates chocolate in front of me now it dosnt bother me at all. I dont feel hungry or deprived like I did in the past when I was on a diet…this is not like a diet at all. I look forwad to my meal times and I enjoy my meals, I used to gobble my food down and ate big meals, I didnt enjoy it, now I eat slowly and eat less food. Delia Webster, Brisbane

I had been overweight all my life and I suffered from back pain because of this. I have now lost 5.7 kilos in 4 weeks and I feel great; my back feels better because of losing weight. Before I came to Lorna I didn’t ever have breakfast and hardly ate lunch and if I did eat in the day at work I would eat fried foods. I would have a big dinner at night and then eat junk foods all evening. Now I am eating a small healthy breakfast every day, I even panicked the other day because I didn’t have time to have breakfast, I felt really bad. I didn’t drink water at all before, it made me gag and now I drink lots of water a day. My husband made spaghetti bolognaise the other day, he doesn’t drain the fat from the mince it like I do and I came home from work feeling really hungry so I got a plate and started eating it quickly, I told myself to slow down but after 10 mins I felt really sick and vomited it all up. I never vomit ever, but all the grease from that food made me sick, before I had the Hypnoband I would have just eaten it. I was really amazed and pleased that my body didn’t want it. Also the other night my family went out and bought fish and chips, I ordered grilled fish and had a salad. As I watched them eat their food it was really greasy and I thought that is disgusting all that fat. The Hypnoband has made it so easy, its not an effort at all and doesn’t feel like a diet. When I go shopping I fill my shopping trolley with only healthy foods…my son has also lost 2 kilos because of my new healthy eating habits. I still have more weight to lose but I feel really confident now and just dont feel like this is a diet at all. Nicole T, Brisbane.

The Hypnoband is working really well for me, I have lost 16 kilos so far and still going well. Before I had my hypnotherapy sessions I used to eat only take away food and drink fizzy drinks, (3 large bottles a day). I have a water cooler but I never used it, now I drink lots of water and I cook and eat only three small meals a day. I feel great and even though I still have more weight to lose I feel very confident I will reach my goal weight. I feel much more positive and more self confident and I have changed my life in many areas. Cassie, Springfield Lakes.

Since I had the Hypnoband Im eating the same food but much less of it, I feel satisfied on three small meals a day and don’t feel hungry in between. I have more energy, I used to go to bed really early, now I have more energy I can stay awake longer in the evenings and I wake up with more energy in the mornings. I’m coping much better with my life and feel normal again, I used to worry a lot about the past or the future but now feel more calm.

I have done all the diets in the past and they just don’t work, the Hypnoband is not a diet and I feel more optimistic that this will work. I’m amazed, I just don’t want to eat the junk food any more this is so easy.

I feel in control, I don’t look for food for comfort any more. I think before I eat now.

3 small meals a day satisfies me, the deserts are gone and so has the desire. I used to gorge on chocolate, now I’m happy not to have any. This is not a struggle as I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything.

Prior to seeing Lorna, I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. After a rough couple of years I’d learnt to use food to comfort myself and it had really begun to show. I felt as though I couldn’t go a day without raiding the vending machine at work and frequently ate take-away rather than cook my own meals. I felt depressed about my weight and had lost my self-confidence. Even though I was only slightly overweight, I couldn’t seem to diet…it was like my mind was terrified of letting go of those emotional crutches. It finally got to a stage where I knew I had to change and I recognised that for whatever reason, I just couldn’t do it by myself. That’s when I saw a TV program on the benefits of hypnotism for weight loss and found Lorna’s number. I was a little sceptical (I’d tried at-home hypnosis with no success) so I decided that if Lorna could get me to eat bananas then I would know the hypnosis had worked. I have hated bananas my whole life and even the thought of trying to eat one made me feel physically sick. Well, after that first session I ate at least 3 bananas a day. I couldn’t get enough of them! I had discovered this amazing yummy food and for the first 2 weeks I just revelled in the texture and flavour of them. My family could not believe it and I was so thankful that the tiny suggestion Lorna gave me had taken root.

It is now two months since my last session with Lorna and I look and feel fantastic! I reached my goal weight the week after the last session and I’ve continued to lose weight since. But it’s not the weight loss that I am most grateful for – that was just a symptom of what was happening in my head. I am truly grateful for the work Lorna did with me emotionally. I’m only young but I had become so bogged down by layers of emotional baggage and unhelpful thought-patterns that I didn’t feel free to be the woman I always was underneath all of that. Now I find it easy to eat well and look after myself and I am drawn to make fresh, healthy choices with food. Whenever I feel stressed now, I don’t turn to food to deal with it and that has made so much difference. I urge you to try hypnosis if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your relationship with food. Go with an open mind and the weight will just fall off as your new life of healthy eating and exercise begins. KB – Brisbane.

I attended several sessions for weight loss and thought I would share my results with you. Initially, I found myself less and less often at the fridge or pantry just looking for food, however a situation occurred at home (end of July) that I really took control of and since that time, my results have been so much better. I haven’t weighed myself (yet) – at this stage, I’d prefer to judge the results in the way my clothing fits. I have stopped going to the fridge or pantry looking for food. I have stopped eating large portions of food and now limit those portions to a small bowl (filled half way). I have not eaten hot chips, crisps, takeaway for about 1 month now – even though other people around me still do so. I have not stuffed myself full of food at all. When I go out, I review the menu and choose a healthy light meal option. I had one glass of wine over the weekend and then stopped drinking. Beforehand I would have been tempted to have one or two more. My youngest son was underweight and is seeing a dietician, who recommended high calorie meals for him. Of course I have to prepare these but I prepare my own meals as a low fat / low cal option. I prepare healthy snacks to leave in the fridge for when I am hungry. I only eat when I feel hungry and only then after drinking a large glass of water. Before I eat, I ask myself if I really am hungry or if I am feeling stressed / anxious. I shopped for food on my way home one night (and I was hungry). Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, I reached for fruit and ate that on my way home. My jeans are becoming loose fitting around my butt and legs and there is less fat popping out over the top of my pants (Hope you don’t have visuals about this!!) My stomach appears to be shrinking daily. I don’t feel hungry at all. I had a Pepsi Max last week and noticed how disgusting it really did taste. The occasional coffee reminds me that it too is un-appertising. I haven’t touched bread at all and the thought of eating it makes my body feel ill and weak. Onwards and downwards – Have a great day, Deb Cox, Brisbane.

I had some issues with my weight that I wanted to address. After the first session I achieved the most wonderful results. I used to overeat at basically all meals. I would also eat when I was not hungry. I was not grossly overweight but felt I needed to lose some weight for my health. I have now stopped over eating and I have learnt to stop eating before I am full and now I am left feeling satisfied. I dont eat unless I am hungry and find that I do not think about or look to food at every opportunity. The changes have made me feel so happy and confident with my self and I have even lost that little bit of weight that I needed to! Alexis, Brisbane.

I went to a total of 3 sessions and since have lost around 8 kilos. It didnt happen straight away but after a month or so after the last session, things started to change. I became more positive, more inclined to exercise and more motivated. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12!!! Im very happy with the result and always felt really relaxed and calm after a session. I have told many colleagues about Lorna since!! Rita, Brisbane.

For many, many years I have been obese, not really through any mental influence of depression, anxiety etc., really through over indulgence. I love food and wine and did not deny myself anything I wanted to eat or drink. In September 2008 I decided I needed to regain some of my physical fitness and so looked for hypnotherapy as a weight loss solution. I found your website, made an appointment and from there everything changed. I thought to be hypnotised I would become unaware of the outside world. I didn’t find that happened and although I was completely relaxed by you (didn’t move in the chair for 45 mins) , I did find my thoughts occasionally wandering before returning to the job in hand and I could hear things going on outside the room. Lorna assured me that this was how hypnotherapy worked and I left my first session with a resolve to lose weight. In only 4 months I have lost 16 kg!

I am so surprised how motivated I have been and how the cravings for sweet, fatty foods have ceased. For many years I always opened a bottle of wine while preparing the evening meal and this is no longer part of my life. I have no difficulty in eating natural, healthy fruit and vegetables with a small amount of protein and have completely given up processed food and most carbohydrates. Not being very keen about exercise, I am surprised how addicted I have become and need to be physically active at every opportunity. My balance and agility is improving and I am well on the way to achieving my goals in that area. I firmly believe all this motivation, (and I am not usually a person who continues projects,) is due to my sessions of hypnotherapy. I have found the journey so amazingly easy with no cravings or feelings of deprivation. Something I would not have believed possible. I do have the occasional feeling of hunger but this is so easily satisfied with a glass of water. I read that when we are hungry, we are often actually thirsty. If you are considering hypnotherapy, look no further, you will not be disappointed whatever life changes you are contemplating. Have a session with her and it will happen. Gail, Esk, QLD.

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